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While others are still sleeping during the biggest change in the history of internet, we built expertise to support ambitious brands leverage the early stage and execute meaningful NFT-projects.
Who we are

The one's that NFT the industry.

Our story

History teaches us patterns that occur before a major change happens. We're really good at pattern recognition and see the biggest change in history happening for society. Similar to the early phase of social media, brands aren't leveraging the early state of change. We know they deserve partners that really care and guide them through.

Our mission

We made it our obligation and built in-depth expertise to support brands during the Web 3.0 transition. We deeply care and manage each step of the NFT-project to ensure our pursued goal is achieved. While some projects are executed poorly for short-term profits, we see it as a forever thing. We see it as our reputation. We are building projects for the eternity.
Our core values

While NFT'ing the industry,
our values assure success.

We believe every NFT-project needs to be built around 4 core values.

Brand Value

While delivering as much value as possible for the consumer, the goal is to build a reputation, a brand. Besides the actual product - how do we maintain the relationship with the consumer is far more important than up-selling. Building brand, while building community.

1. How can we as a brand benefit from a community?

Community Value

The main goal of every project is to provide as much value as possible to the consumer. The ultimate question besides the NFT art is; what kind of value receives the owner of the NFT. Is it a unique access, a unique product or a royalty share.

2. Which incredible incentive do we offer to the owner?

Secondary Market

Every successful project has a high secondary market demand and if that's the goal - strategies hast to be adapted accordingly. High secondary market demand is linked to the value and effort on maintaining the community.

3. How can we maintain a second market value?  


NFT's are meant to stay forever on the blockchain. Neglecting the community after short-term success can't happen, since the NFT is directly associated with our brand's reputation. Therefore, longevity beats short-term economic rents.

4. Does our project still matter in 10 years?

Numbers that already grow, while we are reading.

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$ 70m

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Did you know that the founder of Twitter sold his first tweet as an NFT for $2,9M or that an single NFT was purchased for $69M - crazy right? Was it worth, is a question we surely can discuss on a call.

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