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While the majority of NFT projects are built for short-term hype, we're upending the standards, by executing NFT projects that deliver real business-results, while being obsessively consumer-driven.
Who we are

The one's that NFT the industry.

Our story

History teaches us patterns that occur before a major change happens. We're good at pattern recognition, and we see the biggest change happening in consumer behavior. Similar to the early phase of social media, brands aren't leveraging the early state of change. We know they deserve partners that really care and guide them through.

Our mission

We made it our obligation, built in-depth expertise, to support established brands leverage the biggest change of consumer behavior. We're ferociously focused on: driving consistent business results using NFTs. That means addressing precisely consumer needs, while structuring the project strategically and uniquely to drive customers to act. We're about delivering consistent business results and 110% customer satisfaction.
Our core values

While NFT'ing the industry,
our values assure success.

We believe every NFT-project needs to be built around 4 core values.


NFT projects need to be relevant for both parties, the consumer and brand. The whole NFT project is build around the customer persona, addressing their needs and wants, while ensuring the project outcome is attractive enough to pursue as a brand. The attractiveness of a project is delivered by enhancement of customer experience that effects revenue and branding.


Commodity products are destined to die, as they should. The consumer doesn't want to buy a commodity, the brand doesn't want to start a commodity project. We position the NFT project uniquely and distinctively, while leveraging 4 core human psychological needs to drive them to act on our desired outcome.


The NFT project needs to be simple. Simple to understand. Simple to use. Simple to market and simple to develop. The market is focused on complex project structures that can't sustain itself. We focus on the opposite, on what really matters. The project needs to be strategic, not complex.


Brands will aim at different outcomes with their NFT project; revenue, branding, tasting the space, capturing market shares or all at once. Whatever the objective is, there needs to be a solid monetization model, if the project shall exist long-term.

Numbers that already grow, while we are reading.

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$ 22bn

NFT Market cap

$ 70m

daily trade volume


projects together
Did you know that the founder of Twitter sold his first tweet as an NFT for $2,9M or that an single NFT was purchased for $69M - crazy right? Was it worth, is a question we surely can discuss on a call.

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