How to collect user data for NFT projects?

This whole idea of having data about the user is against the ideology of Web3. But we are Marketers, we need data to make decisions and we need to come up with a solution.

How to collect user data for NFT projects!

Having data on the user is against the ideology of Web3, but as marketers, we will fish in the dark without it. Having talked to many project leads, collecting user data seems to be neglected, either because they are stuck in the micro or lack of finding an authentic way to do it and that's understandable.

Despite being in "Web3" the question isn't "should we" it's "how do we" collect user data. We already see it with top projects, they all have a way of collecting user data. How else will you be able to scale the project?

3 ways for collecting user data in NFT projects:

  1. Merch Drops
  2. KYC before engagement
  3. Incentivize

Before we dive deeper into the points, the main problem with collecting user data on a blockchain-based system is: You usually start from zero once the NFT gets sold on the secondary market.

1) Merch drops are a great way to collect geographical data since this will be the most far-accurate data you'll be able to collect willingly.

2) KYC before engagement is also an option, although it isn't the user friendliest approach. We see it in NFT events, auctions, games and projects, where users havet o verify their identity to participate or receive the utility.

3) Incentivize for giving data. It sounds controversial for the Web3 space, but we already see it with the top projects.

We didn't include all possible ways in the listing, but you can also use NFTs as an incentive to motivate customers to buy product x, resulting over time in web3 user data and lower CAC (depends).

You basically could eliminate all monetary incentives that are being used to acquire customers with NFTs.

No more "save 15%", but "buy now, get NFT". Doesn't hurt brand, margin, or retention, and co.

We'll handle that deeper in another post.

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