Bored Ape Yacht Club

We proposed a four-pronged strategy for BAYC, including tiered memberships, merch collaborations, a Web3 social media platform, and leveraging the OthersideMeta game to create sustainable revenue streams and maintain market position.

Project overview

Disclaimer: This project is not associated with BAYC or the corresponding NFT brands. It provides a broad overview, explaining one of the approaches for creating a monetization strategy for BAYC. The strategies presented are limited and based on publicly accessible information.

Wylie Aronow

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What we did

We proposed four key strategies to generate sustainable revenue and maintain market position. We introduced tiered membership levels to cater to diverse audiences, extended merch sales through collaborations, created a social media platform for Web3 enthusiasts, and leveraged the OthersideMeta game for interoperable experiences. Each solution was carefully considered to ensure feasibility and alignment with BAYC's vision and resource requirements.

The Client

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is a trailblazing NFT project that has taken the cryptocurrency world by storm since its launch in April 2021. BAYC comprises 10,000 unique Bored Ape NFTs, each with its own traits and characteristics. These NFTs serve as a digital ownership certificate for the apes and allow their owners to access the exclusive BAYC community. BAYC's mission is to create a strong community of NFT collectors and enthusiasts who share a passion for art, culture, and technology. It offers its members a range of exclusive perks, including merchandise, events, and other benefits. BAYC has created a thriving community that is known for its creativity, humor, and charitable contributions. What distinguishes BAYC from other NFT projects is its focus on building a robust community and delivering exceptional experiences to its members. Its success underscores the growing importance of culture and community in the NFT realm, and its pioneering approach sets a new benchmark for other projects to follow.

The Problem

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) faces several challenges as it seeks to maintain its success and growth in the NFT market. One major issue is balancing exclusivity and reach. While exclusivity has been a key driver of BAYC's popularity and value, it can limit the potential audience and revenue opportunities. The high cost of entry for purchasing a BAYC NFT may discourage some potential buyers and limit the project's overall reach. Additionally, the ongoing costs of maintaining the BAYC community and delivering exclusive benefits to its members can be significant, requiring continuous investment and effort.

Another challenge is the potential for market saturation and fatigue. As the NFT market continues to expand, it may become more difficult for BAYC to stand out and maintain its current level of interest and engagement. Other NFT projects may emerge that offer similar features and benefits, making it more difficult for BAYC to attract and retain its community members.

BAYC must also consider how to achieve sustainable growth and revenue. Although BAYC is currently generating revenue primarily through initial collection sales, as well as royalties, merchandise drops, partnerships, and offline events, the challenge is how to maintain this revenue in the future. BAYC must continually innovate and offer unique and engaging experiences to its community members while exploring new monetization models beyond its current revenue streams. This includes experimenting with new revenue streams such as subscriptions, advertising, or marketplaces. Additionally, BAYC has to consider ways to lower the barriers to entry for new audiences, such as creating more affordable NFTs or offering alternative payment options.

The challenges are: balancing exclusivity with the need to expand reach and revenue opportunities, standing out in a crowded and rapidly evolving market, and achieving sustainable growth and revenue in the long term.

The Solution

To address the challenges BAYC faces, we propose four strategies for creating sustainable revenue streams and maintaining its unique position in the market.

First, we recommend introducing tiered membership levels with varying perks, benefits, and pricing. This approach can help BAYC maintain exclusivity while attracting a broader audience by offering more affordable entry points. By catering to different user segments, BAYC can increase its potential revenue streams.

Second, we suggest building up and extending merch sales through regular collaborations with other Web2 and Web3 brands. This will not only generate revenue but also reach a larger non-Web3 audience, collect data, and provide insights into changes in user engagement. This will have a strategic impact on implementing other monetization strategies, as well as their long-term vision and new collection drops.

Third, we recommend creating a social media platform for Web3 creators, enthusiasts, and newcomers. This platform should be built for the Web3 community that allows them to come together, share content and have a good time. We would initially offer access to the platform for free and monetize through in-platform transactions and advertising on the platform.

Fourth, we propose leveraging the OthersideMeta game to become the game for interoperable experiences. To achieve this, we would monetize through in-game item sales, similar to World of Warcraft, and create subscriptions to use certain limited perks within the game.

Overall, the solutions we propose are well thought out and hold the potential to help BAYC tackle the challenges they face. Nevertheless, it's crucial to thoroughly assess the feasibility, vision, and resource requirements of each solution before moving forward with their implementation.

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